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NOTHING RHYMES WITH CIRCUS [entries|friends|calendar]
Panic! At The Disco Daily Digest

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[Jul 21 07 ♪♪♪ 12 45 am]

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Dissapointment on the New Album [Jul 17 07 ♪♪♪ 1 16 pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

So turns out the album won't be out my September. Panic! are still recording and I believe they are still writing. So the album will be coming out late January or early February at the latest.


ryans bday!!! [Jun 26 07 ♪♪♪ 7 10 pm]

"so a few of my friends and i are going to be sending ryan a bday package and we wanted to know if anyone wanted to be part of it. we have the address to send it to him that will make sure he'd get it. we have a bunch of ideas of what to get him but we would love your input. if you want to participate you would need to send something around $5 to contribute, we'll figure out the exact price once we decide upon everything (we wouldn't be accepting money until we decide upon what to get him and who will participate)
also we saw something on the fobr boards a long time ago that for someones bday, i think maybe patricks...not sure anyway they sent them a video of all the boardies so we were thinking maybe we can do that...you can record a message and send it to us and we'll put it together and put it on a cd or whatever and mail it to him.
lastly we thought itd be nice to send him a scrapbook. you can write letters, draw pictures, basically do whatever you want and we will put it together in a scrapbook and mail that to him as well.
once we get the project started we will post pictures keeping you updated with our progress. if your interested or know anyone who would be send an email to ryanrossbirthday@hotmail.com
let us know your ideas and opinions on everything. thanks~
(btw...some people were saying we want to steal peoples money...no i wouldn't do that. we were just coming up with a lot of ideas and then they started adding up so my friend was like why dont we ask some boardies if they want to help. were guna post pictures of everything and will give everybody the tracking number when we send it. we would never take peoples money...that happened to me once...it sucked...wouldn't want that for anyone)"
^^^from the p!atd boards

xposted [Dec 20 06 ♪♪♪ 10 55 am]

So we wanted to create an awesome auction and we wanted it to start out at an affordable price. This P!ATD auction is only for real fans so if you are not a real fan, then don't bid because we worked our asses off to get the stuff signed that we did and we know that only a true P!ATD fan will appreciate it as much as we do! Here is the auction link


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The Palace of Auburn Hills - Detroit - Show Review [Nov 22 06 ♪♪♪ 10 25 pm]

Panic! At the Disco offers little substance in short show
Hour-long set proves band knows how to entertain, but needs more experience
Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Las Vegas dance rockers Panic! At the Disco offered a textbook lesson in style over substance Tuesday night at The Palace of Auburn Hills.

The foursome's stage show, which unfolded with an early 1900s circus theme, was a visual treat, no doubt. The band was joined on stage by a half-dozen scantily clad dancers, who were writhing and twisting their bodies into various unseemly positions, and sometimes walking on stilts for good measure.

The band, caked in makeup and dressed in period costumes, played right along, as two big top tents hung above the stage. It was like Baz Luhrmann directing Britney Spears' Onyx Hotel tour, with pieces of the new Christina Aguilera video thrown in for kicks.

But beyond the costumes, carousels and assorted other eye-grabbers, there was the small matter of a rock show at hand. And even with a brief intermission, the band's 13-song set barely lasted an hour, which is pretty much the mininum a headline act can get away with playing in this day and age.

Desperately short on material, the band augmented the songs from its 2005 debut, "A Fever You Can't Sweat Out," with a pair of covers: A fun take on Queen's "Killer Queen," which the band likely gleaned from hours of playing "Guitar Hero" on their tour bus, and a stripped down walk-through of "Eleanor Rigby," which proved the band still has a way to go before it should start comparing itself with the Beatles.

Opening with "The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide is Press Coverage" -- just one of the band's examples where the cleverness of the song title exceeds that of the song -- lead singer Brendon Urie pranced around stage, his perfectly coifed hair never falling out of place. Though his vocals are repetitive and can be grating over time, Urie proved a capable frontman, working the stage with a confidence exceeding the band's brief touring history. Still, he could afford to allow a little more spontaneity to creep into his act. His scripted comments fell flat, and even his "thank you's" felt unnatural.

Still, the crowd -- largely made up of screaming teenage girls -- ate it up, singing and emoting along with Urie. The energy in the arena peaked during the band's Big Hit, "I Write Sins Not Tragedies," when a decked out bride and a groom -- both on stilts -- acted out the song's dramatized lyrics.

But the set's highlight may well have been when the band members and dancers made their way to the front of the stage for an extended drumline sequence. It was a gimmick, sure, crassly designed to stretch out the thin set, but it proved the band members are natural showmen who know a good trick when they see it.

As the band identifies more of those moments -- and writes a few more songs -- finding the balance between style and substance will no longer be a cause for panic.

You can reach Adam Graham at (313) 222-2284, or at agraham@detnews.com.

from: detroitnews.com
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Rochester Institute of Technology Show Review :( [Nov 22 06 ♪♪♪ 10 21 pm]

Panic! disappoints at RIT
By RACHEL GRUBER | 11/22/2006

The Rochester Institute of Technology welcomed a crowd Friday to a sold-out concert headlined by Panic! at the Disco.

Plain White Ts opened with songs like "You and Me" from their newest album "Every Second Counts." (Plain White Ts joined the tour in place of Bloc Party, whose lead singer is currently hospitalized.) Despite the band's energetic sound and pop-rock harmonies, it was not until they played their best-known song "Hey There Delilah" that the crowd really took notice. Next came Jack's Mannequin, headed by Andrew McMahon of Something Corporate, opening with "I'm Ready." They got the crowd dancing with songs like "Bruised" and "Dark Blue" but also slowed it down with "Rescued." Jack's cranked the energy back up however, with the sing-along-song "La La Lie." After a long wait, Panic! at the Disco roared onto the stage with their newest single "The Only Difference Between -" and I was immediately baffled. Did I pay $30 to see a concert or a circus? There is a fine line between showmanship and overdoing it - and Panic! crossed it. I fail to understand why a band would want to distract the audience away from the music. By the fourth song, "Nails for Breakfast-" I had realized that I had been watching a video screen the whole time, and what I was seeing was not the band, but the various contortionists, dancers, and performers on stilts.

I had seen Panic! in February, and the way they sound in concert has definitely improved. However, their actual performance skills have if anything, have diminished. Perhaps Panic! feels that they have people hired to essentially, do the performing for them. Although I must say the high point of my disgust was when Panic! took the stage for the second half of the set playing "But It's Better If We Do" accompanied by scantily-clad dancers. I could only imagine what was running through the heads of the parents who brought their children to the concert.

The only part of the show which truly caught my attention and showcased Panic!'s musical talent was the cover of Beatles' classic "Eleanor Rigby." In my mind, Panic! was overshadowed by the bands who took the stage before them.

Rachel Gruber is a senior at Mount St. Mary Academy

from: buffalonews.com
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Panic Attack! - startribune.com article [Nov 22 06 ♪♪♪ 9 57 pm]

Ryan Ross and Jon Walker of Panic! at the Disco discuss their rapid ascent to rock stardom.
November 22, 2006 – 4:32 PM

On the night before they kicked off their first arena headlining tour to cap off 2006 -- "The Year That Panic! Broke" -- the members of Panic! at the Disco finally realized what a crazy year it's been.
"We all had the chance to sit around last night and kind of look back on everything," bassist Jon Walker said by phone earlier this month from Fort Lauderdale, Fla. "We've been touring so much, we haven't really had any perspective on it. But it's absolutely nuts when you think about it."

Said guitarist and chief songwriter Ryan Ross, "It's been totally insane."

Friends from high school -- and barely out of high school -- Panic! at the Disco played its first concert in August 2005. Its debut CD came a month later. Now the Las Vegas-reared cabaret-punk band's disc, "A Fever You Can't Sweat Out," has sold 1.3 million copies, and its arena shows are filling up.

Panic!'s rise has been so quick, and its style and approach so different, that the band started earning a backlash almost as soon as it did a buzz. Ross and Walker took the time to better explain their seemingly overnight arrival.

What's with the theatrical/cabaret side of the band?

Not only are their videos full of circus rejects, cabaret dancers and mimes, but so is their live show. The name of their current outing is the "Nothing Rhymes With Circus" Tour.

Ross: A big part of that definitely comes from us growing up in Las Vegas. I didn't think [the city] had much of an influence on us, but when I got around more and asked people about Cirque du Soleil or "Phantom of the Opera," I realized not everybody can go see those shows like we did.

Walker: We've tried really hard not to be just another band that stands there and plays its songs. We make a point of making a spectacle. But everything that goes on onstage relates to the songs in some way.

What's with the super-long song titles?

Other tracks on the band's debut disc include "Lying Is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off" and, wait for it, "There's a Good Reason These Tables Are Numbered Honey, You Just Haven't Thought of It."

Ross: You spend so much time writing and recording a song, it seems so lazy to just pick a couple words out of the chorus and call it that.

Walker: They're not just made-up titles. A lot of them are lines from a movie or a book or whatever. They're part of what sets this band apart so well.

What's with firing your old bass player?

The one snag in the band's quick climb was its split with Brent Wilson this spring, which brought Walker into the band.

Ross: It was tough, because we all went to high school together. It just got to a point where it didn't seem like he was taking it seriously and was along for the ride. And he started to get into things we weren't happy about. It was a hard decision, but with Jon in the band now, we know it was the right decision.

Walker: This band is everything to these guys, so it's not fair to them if someone in the band can't keep up.

What's with becoming rock stars before you're 21?

Walker is the only member to reach drinking age -- and that happened just two months ago.

Walker: Nobody in the band is really into drinking and partying anyway. Not that we're against that, we've just been so focused, and we all have girlfriends, too, who keep us grounded.

Ross: I don't think our age makes a big difference, except maybe we're young and energetic enough to have kept up with our tour schedule this year.

Walker: The great thing about being where we are now at such a young age, I think, is that we all still have so much to look forward to. I mean we all still get to start families and have kids, but we've already accomplished something that a lot of people work their lives to achieve. So we definitely know how lucky we are.

Chris Riemenschneider • 612-673-4658 • chrisr@startribune.com

from: startribune.com

patd article from boston globe [Nov 22 06 ♪♪♪ 9 53 pm]

Panic! At The Disco makes a spectacle of itself.
By Marc Hirsh | Boston Globe | November 20, 2006

A decade ago, Panic! At The Disco would have had a major credibility problem. Signed as teenagers two years ago to emo sanctuary Fueled By Ramen Records with just three songs to its name, the band was thrown onto the road before it had even played a single gig.

But even if the importance of indie cred weren't up for debate these days, Saturday's show at the Tsongas Arena showed that they're quick studies, growing by leaps and bounds as the band becomes more popular and more seasoned by touring.

Part of that stems from precisely what makes the band so maddening at times. Panic!'s songs are uniformly hyperactive, an impulsive barrage of id disguised by an overeager vocabulary as superego. It's that very intelligence, forceful if not focused, that drove a performance that seemed to be two or three stages evolved from the occasionally half-baked material on which it was based.

Perhaps out of contrition for the shoddy treatment by its own fans of recent tourmates the Dresden Dolls, Panic! presented its show as a decadent Goth circus, with contortionists, tumblers, and stiltwalkers constantly taking over the stage during songs like "London Beckoned Songs About Money Written By Machines" and "Camisado." Drums, cello, and a second keyboard sat well above the spectacle on giant risers, and the whole thing was capped with two big tops.

The sound in the arena was a mess, an undifferentiated muddle that made the band's already repetitious material all the more so and quashed singer Brendan Urie's voluminous lyrics, though the sold-out crowd knew them all by heart anyway. But Panic! soldiered through with a wit and a spark best captured in its version of "Killer Queen." It was a perfect cover, full of winking bombast, and the band nailed it. Panic!'s instincts are right on; all that's left is for its songwriting to catch up to its performance.

Filling in for dance-punks Bloc Party, who recently left the tour because of a health emergency in the band, openers Plain White T's capitalized on the simplest aspects of emo with no discernible personality.

Jack's Mannequin followed with enervating piano-based pop songs that aped the Fray almost perfectly, while singer and pianist Andrew McMahon posed and preened throughout.

© Copyright 2006 Globe Newspaper Company.

from: the boston globe online

WEBSITE UPDATE! [Nov 22 06 ♪♪♪ 7 33 pm]

11.22.2006 - Get your video cameras ready...

What's the most fun you can have without taking your clothes off?

Check back this weekend for your chance to win a trip for two to catch Panic! At the Disco live in their hometown of Las Vegas.

- Fueled By Adam

from: panicatthedisco.com
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Journal Entry - Spencer [Nov 22 06 ♪♪♪ 7 20 pm]

So, as most of you know we have been on the nothing rhymes with circus tour
for about a week now. This tour has come together so beautifully and is
exactly what we had hoped for. Walking on stage each night and seeing
everyone in the crowds eyes light up, and every ones mouths singing all the
words is beyond description. We would like to thank every person who has
come to any the shows so far. We hope you had as much fun as we did. And to
all the people who will be seeing us in the near future, we can not wait for
you to see the show we have put together.

- spencer

from: panicatthedisco.com

Rolling Stone PATD Review [Nov 22 06 ♪♪♪ 6 19 pm]

Panic! At the Disco: Too Big for Their Britches
11/15/06 | 12:16 pm EST

For young rock hopefuls, Panic! at the Disco dispensed a valuable lesson in Rock Performance 101 at the Madison Square Garden Theater last night: One year of touring does not a good live show make. The boyfaced bandmembers — not much older than Laguna Beach-aged peanut gallery who mimicked their every contrived move — booked their first concert only last summer. During the skimpy hourlong set, Panic! besieged the crowd with sadistic Beatles covers — “Eleanor Rigby,” for chrissake? — and mini-movies starring actual swear-to-God midgets. The Laguna Beachers didn’t bat an eye. They sang along to inane lyrics (”Now I’m of consenting age to be forgetting you in a cabaret/Somewhere downtown, where a burlesque queen may even ask my name,” from “But It’s Better If You Do”) without the slightest hint of constipation. Meanwhile, the parental guardians who accompanied their sixteen-and-under crumbsnatchers looked like painfully out-of-place narcs. (Did they stumble in from the Devils-Rangers game in the Madison Square Garden Arena across the way?)

At the very least, Panic! at the Disco have come a long way from their Las Vegas garage. (They now have ribbon dancers!) But it was clear from the murky acoustics and sloppy musicianship that sound plays second fiddle to spectacle. Even stilt walkers and a ballerina who looked suspiciously like Dee Snider couldn’t save the biting humor of songs like “The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide is Press Coverage” from being defanged. You get the feeling that the Panic! fellas are more concerned about looking the part of burlesque-pop carnival barkers than letting their songs do the talking.

-- Joey Hood

from: rollingstone.com

Ryan in NME 50 Coolest People in Rock & Roll Scan [Nov 22 06 ♪♪♪ 6 15 pm]


He's the chief lyricist for a big-bucks emo band and Brandon Flowers hates him, but that's where Ryan's parallels with his record company boss Pete Wentz end. For one, he's not a power-hungry Fred-Durst-in-waiting fratboy, but a wilting, mascara'd spaceboy with the look of a young Bowie about him. Two, he's the major creative force behind the technoid schnizzle that sets P!ATD coiffured heads and shoulders above the rest of the emo footsoldiers. He's never had a drink, and as a result is becoming a poster-boy for a new strain of work-hard rock cool. Oh, and did we mention that Brandon Flowers hates him?

Scan of article under the cutCollapse )
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NEW COMMUNITY [Nov 22 06 ♪♪♪ 6 11 pm]

Just created today!

For latest panic! at the disco news, info, gossip & reviews!

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