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[Jul 21 07 ♪♪♪ 12 45 am]

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Dissapointment on the New Album [Jul 17 07 ♪♪♪ 1 16 pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

So turns out the album won't be out my September. Panic! are still recording and I believe they are still writing. So the album will be coming out late January or early February at the latest.


ryans bday!!! [Jun 26 07 ♪♪♪ 7 10 pm]

"so a few of my friends and i are going to be sending ryan a bday package and we wanted to know if anyone wanted to be part of it. we have the address to send it to him that will make sure he'd get it. we have a bunch of ideas of what to get him but we would love your input. if you want to participate you would need to send something around $5 to contribute, we'll figure out the exact price once we decide upon everything (we wouldn't be accepting money until we decide upon what to get him and who will participate)
also we saw something on the fobr boards a long time ago that for someones bday, i think maybe patricks...not sure anyway they sent them a video of all the boardies so we were thinking maybe we can do that...you can record a message and send it to us and we'll put it together and put it on a cd or whatever and mail it to him.
lastly we thought itd be nice to send him a scrapbook. you can write letters, draw pictures, basically do whatever you want and we will put it together in a scrapbook and mail that to him as well.
once we get the project started we will post pictures keeping you updated with our progress. if your interested or know anyone who would be send an email to ryanrossbirthday@hotmail.com
let us know your ideas and opinions on everything. thanks~
(btw...some people were saying we want to steal peoples money...no i wouldn't do that. we were just coming up with a lot of ideas and then they started adding up so my friend was like why dont we ask some boardies if they want to help. were guna post pictures of everything and will give everybody the tracking number when we send it. we would never take peoples money...that happened to me once...it sucked...wouldn't want that for anyone)"
^^^from the p!atd boards

xposted [Dec 20 06 ♪♪♪ 10 55 am]

So we wanted to create an awesome auction and we wanted it to start out at an affordable price. This P!ATD auction is only for real fans so if you are not a real fan, then don't bid because we worked our asses off to get the stuff signed that we did and we know that only a true P!ATD fan will appreciate it as much as we do! Here is the auction link


Only one bid so far and 5 days left! Get to bidding before you miss out! We will ship ANYWHERE even internationally and we may just give you a discount on shipping and handling!

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